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We’ll work with you to design the most efficient heating and air conditioning system for your home or office to keep you comfortable and bring your utility bills down. Once installed, you can rest easy with 24-hour emergency service and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

HVAC Maintenance Spring Tune - up

  1. Thermostat – Check for loose connections that may cause the unit to short cycle. Calibrate temperature readings and adjust if necessary.
  2. Split Temperature – Measure temperature drop as air passes through the evaporative coil. Temperature drop should be approximately 20 degrees.
  3. Air Distribution – Check airflow throughout the home. Ensure airflow is not restricted. Examine plenum, supply, and return ductwork.
  4. Disconnect Box – Make sure all connections are tight. Check for signs of metal fatigue or signs of over-heating (bluish-green).
  5. Fuses – Check fuse condition. If the fuse is swollen or bad, check the disconnect box for loose connection or leaks that may be permitting water inside.
  6. Contactors – Check switch for worn or pitted points. Check part for possible discoloration or burnt wires.
  7. Start-kit/Relays/Transformers – Inspect all parts for loose wiring or worn out parts and ensure parts are securely mounted.
  1. Run Capacitors – Check Microfarads on all caps. Recommend replacement if they are not within 6%. Check for oil leaks or voltage drop.
  2. Compressor – Check to start amp draw along with running amps. Compare to unit ratings. Look for burnt wires at the compressor terminal.
  3. Freon – Check system pressures to ensure proper charge on the unit. If the system needs more than 2 lbs., do not add Freon until the leak is found and repaired.
  4. Condenser Motor – Check amp draw against max ratings. If needed, oil motor. Check for bearings or damaged fan blades.
  5. Condenser Coil – Check temperature split on the coil. It should be approximately 30 degrees. Ensure the coil is clean of debris and the fins are not damaged.
  6. Evaporative Coil – Check and make sure both sides of the coil are clean. Dirty coils or leaks cause poor system performance and early breakdown.
  7. Plenum – Make sure the plenum (elbow) is sealed correctly and that no air is escaping to the outside. 8 out of 10 elbows leak, usually underneath.

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Repair Services

We’ll get your air conditioner working quickly, and you’ll rest assured that your family is cool and comfortable.

You can trust our HVAC techs will arrive on time and diagnose the problem quickly, and our fully-stocked service vehicles ensure a fast repair.

All emergency HVAC service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in your choice to call U Pay Less Heating and Air Conditioning.

Furnace Repair: (661) 376-5752

Many people tend to ignore or forget about their furnaces until they stop working. When your furnace quits functioning properly, you’ll want an experienced professional’s help to make sure the problem doesn’t quickly get worse. That’s where U Pay Less Heating & Cooling can help. We have the tools and expertise to provide you with accurate, cost-effective furnace repair services.

Courteous HVAC professionals and affordable pricing. And, no matter how extensive your furnace repair job happens to be, we pledge to complete it on time so that you can get back to your routine.